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Hire a Business Broker to Sell Your Business

Selling a business is a complex and nuanced process, requiring expertise that goes beyond traditional real estate transactions. That's where our specialized business brokers come into play. While realtors excel in property transactions, business brokers specialize in the art of selling businesses.

As a  business broker I possess an understanding of industry trends, financial analysis, and negotiation strategies specific to businesses. I am equipped to handle the complexities of confidential transactions, intellectual property valuation, and the often-sensitive nature of business sales.

I am a licensed business broker in the state of Illinois and work as an advisor with Transworld Business Advisors of LaGrange!

Selling a Business Step-By-Step 

Step 1: Buyer Showings

Step 2: Offer...Counter...
Mutual Acceptance

Step 3: Earnest Money Deposit

Step 4: Due Diligence

Step 5: Financing (differs per deal)

Step 6: Lease Assignment Application Process

Step 7: Other Conditions 

Step 8: Legal Documents

Step 9: Inventory

Step 10: Closing

Step 11: Transitional Period

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Kristina Wynne Transworld Business Advisors of LaGrange
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