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Lets talk about your business needs.



Please note, I am a Business Development Strategist that’s in the business of working with start up, early stage entrepreneurs, and established business owners who want to work with government agencies and corporations as suppliers and/or subcontractors.


If you're looking to kickstart your certification process and secure government and corporate contracts with absolute confidence, we are a perfect match!

How I can add value:


 Step-by-step guidance

I provide clear, structured guidance throughout the certification process.

✅ Results-oriented approach

I deliver outcome based coaching and consulting that includes weekly deliverables.

 Professional coaching

I am an experienced professional that possesses expertise in procurement within the public and private sector.


Services Offered:

30-Day Certification Bootcamp: $999

One-on-One Certification Consulting: Starting at $7,000 for 3 Months 

VIP Procurement Strategy One-on-One Consulting: $20,000 for 12 Months


My ideal client is someone who makes consistent revenue with the B2C market but can’t seem to get to the next income bracket.


I'm looking for:


  • The business owner who wants to scale the business through acquisition of government and/or corporate contracts.


  • The entrepreneur who has tried to complete the certification application on their own and was not successful in doing so.

  • The person who wants guided support with completing the MBE, WBE, and/or DBE Certification and is ready to invest in expert support to get it done.


  • Entrepreneurs who want to develop a new pipeline of clients.


If you have a question you can email me at and I will get back to you within 24 hours.




I work with new and established product and service based businesses! The primary objective of this session is to determine if we are fully aligned and ready to embark on a collaborative journey together.


During this conversation, we will focus on ensuring that both parties share a common understanding of your challenges, goals, and aspirations. My goal is to assess if my expertise and approach aligns with your vision. This session is not a strategy discussion, but rather an opportunity to gauge the synergy between your needs and my capabilities.


I will aim to confirm that your business challenges and aspirations align with my expertise and offerings. By the end of this call, you should have a clear sense of whether we're the right fit to work together effectively. I look forward to exploring this alignment and the potential to scale your business together.

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